Originating in the UK, the founders consulted with barbers and salons to create a male grooming range to meet the needs of professional hair stylists. Dear Barber sculpts statement hairstyles with products to suit all hair types, and is guaranteed to look great on the shelf.

Dear Barber is a sophisticated alternative to the ubiquitous glossy salon brand with an aim to regenerate traditional male grooming with a modern twist. This stylish brand offers the time-honoured, classic barber experience to appeal to the 21st century gentleman.


The current range gives hair a new lease of life, with a strong hair hold, yet also flexibility.
A great range of hair styling essentials including:

Dear Barber Mattifier: Creates separation with a matte finish. A strong, yet flexible hold gives immediate grab, whilst thickening hairs’ appearance.

Dear Barber Pomade: Perfect for a medium smooth hold with a high shine and flexibility. Controls even curly or frizzy hair.

Dear Barber Fibre: Provides a strong, long-lasting hold. The mega-elastic fibre technology shapes and sculpts hair to support even extreme styles.

Dear Barber Shaping Cream: Gives flexible hold to both textured and smooth styles, for a soft, ‘product-free’ feel. Suitable for coarse and heavy hair.


Sitting alongside the styling range, the brand’s recently added shampoo and conditioner as well as facial hair range including Shave Oil, Moustache Wax and Beard Oil, all of which are now also available with eye-catching display cases to showcase this modern take on male styling.

To further cement the Dear Barbers rise to fame in such a short period of time, was the recent news of them winning the Barber Connect Stand of the Year at the recent Barber Connect Expo in the UK, not to mention taking out first place in the BEST STYLING RANGE OF THE YEAR!

Dear Barber’s stylish design embraces its complete philosophy as a brand with traditional values.