Our partnership with Sustainable Salons has been an incredible venture as we aim to reduce our wastage to 0% to do our part for the environment. 🌏Since the program started in September of 2017, we have forwarded a $2 Green Fee to our clients. You may wonder where we are with it?

Well... Here are the genuine facts about our salon contribution

🔹️ 670kg of Paper have been recycled 
🔹️ 485kg of Metal recycled 
🔹️ 335kg of Plastics recycled 
🔹️ 142Litres of Chemical Waste recycled into water
🔹️ 100kg of Hair collected
🔹️ 84 Hair Booms potentially soaking 21L of Oils

But mostly, 95,200 meals provided to the homeless ❤😍🙏

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